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Find promising products FAST.

What’s selling? What’s not too expensive to ship? What has low competition? Choosing the right product is crucial. AmazeOwl makes it quick and easy

Dedicated browser plugin

AmazeOwl?s plug-in quickly combs through Amazon listings to surface the ones that fit your requirements for price, BSR score, number of reviews, etc.

Save listings directly from Amazon

AmazeOwl does away with the need for cumbersome spreadsheets by saving all the details of the listings you want to look at closer.

Dive deeper into your product’s demand and competition

What does the competition look like for this product category? How much money could I potentially make? Use market data from various sources to build your case.

Source external data

Add other data sources like Google Trends, Alibaba cost estimates, and FBA Cost Calculator

Build your list of competitors

AmazeOwl surfaces competitors to your product and starts tracking their activity.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Who’s active on their listing? Who’s running out of inventory? Start tracking the dynamics of the
market for price changes, new entrants, and even changes to individual listings.

Stay connected while you find a supplier

Competitors may change the market significantly before you make your first order. Keep on top of them.

Get the details

See the history of a particular competitor’s listing, including pricing movements, photo updates, rating shifts and review count changes.

Find your next successful
FBA product now.
For free.

  • Amazing application that allows you not only to quality research but also to carry out a detailed analysis of niche competitors and your products. I am sure that every seller on Amazon must have this plugin.

    Pavel Iverovsky

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